reDraw Whiteboard

reDraw Whiteboard is a drawing/Presentation app for the iPad with full support for the Apple Pencil co-developed by Jeremy Kemery and me. Available in the App Store.

reDraw Whiteboard is a full-featured note-taking / presentation app. It supports freehand drawing, text entry via a keyboard, pasting images, and importing PDFs that can be marked up using the drawing tools. reDraw was designed for use in a classroom, but is versatile enough to be used as a general purpose drawing or note taking app. A timeline with mark points allows you to step through the text and diagrams you’ve drawn before class, and you can add additional drawings / text based on discussion and questions. You can share your document with other reDraw users or export as PDF.

Here is why I wanted this app to exist:

Introductory video

Draw and Type

Present your way

Timeline and mark points

Stay Organized

Editing Features

Sharing Options

Need help or comments